Detox Daily with a Cup of Brassica Tea

truebroc-boxesBrassica® green and black tea with long-lasting antioxidants

Green and black teas contain antioxidants and polyphenols that help to neutralize harmful free radicals. Only Brassica® Tea has the added benefit of glucoraphanin, a powerhouse antioxidant found primarily in broccoli. Each cup contains 15mg of TrueBroc® glucoraphanin extracted from broccoli seeds. Yes – broccoli! Each tea bag  with TrueBroc® contains the equivalent of about 1/4 head of broccoli.

Our body has its very own detoxification system that needs to be optimized daily with the right diet. Every day, we are assaulted by environmental toxins, including UV rays, diesel exhaust and other airborne pollutants. Instead of putting yourself through the latest intense, short-lived detox or liver cleanse, simply enjoy a cup of Brassica® Tea every day and your detox system will do the rest.

Brassica® Tea is currently available in 7 varieties, including decaf green and regular black tea.

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