Decaf Green Tea with TrueBroc® and Natural Orange Flavor


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Decaf Brassica Green Tea with Natural Orange Flavor and TrueBroc® is made with gourmet Chinese Sencha tea. Each tea bag contains 15 mg of TrueBroc® and is individually foil-wrapped to protect the TrueBroc® and freshness of the tea. When brewed, a cup of tea gives you the same amount of glucoraphanin that you would consume if you were to eat 5 ounces of average adult broccoli.

Each box contains 16 individual tea bags.

Brassica decaffeinated varieties are naturally decaffeinated through the carbon dioxide (CO2) decaffeination process. This method uses only pure CO2 gas to decaffeinate our teas. This process avoids the chemicals typically used to decaffeinate and is certified organic by two independent organic associations. The carbon dioxide process removes the caffeine while keeping the flavor in the tea.

We recommend steeping tea for two minutes for mild tea, or three to five minutes for full flavor. Care should be taken on steeping time because bitterness can result if tea is steeped for longer periods of time. Additionally, longer brewing releases more caffeine. Green tea is typically more bitter than black tea. Therefore, brew green tea for only two minutes. For stronger green tea, we suggest using more tea rather than steeping for a longer time.

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