What is TrueBroc®?

TrueBroc® branded glucoraphanin is a long-lasting antioxidant from broccoli. The glucoraphanin is extracted from broccoli seeds using a natural, hot water process. TrueBroc® can be found in several supplement and beverage products, including Brassica Tea & Coffee. Visit our product locator page for a list of products.

Since 1997, Brassica has been working in collaboration with researchers at Johns Hopkins to grow the science surrounding glucoraphanin and sulforaphane and to better define their many health benefits.

The benefits of TrueBroc® glucoraphanin from broccoli:

  • Boosts our body’s natural defenses against oxidative stress caused by pollutants and toxins
  • Protects our cells from free radicals caused by environmental contaminants
  • Helps to maintain a healthy inflammatory response
  • Boosts Phase 2 enzymes, enhancing the detoxification of cells

If you are a medical professional or are interested in purchasing TrueBroc® as an ingredient for food, beverage or supplement use, please visit our corporate site, brassica.com, for more information.

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